How to take care of call center headphones?

How to take care of call center headphones?

How to take care of call center headphones?

Wired or wireless headsets are considerably delicate pieces of the device that can crack easily as they are being utilized on a regular basis. Thus when you are considering buying call center headphones in Hyderabad or any other place, you need to be aware of the procedure for taking care of the headsets.

Below are certain suggestions to avoid extreme damage to the headsets:

*   Clean your headsets daily. Headsets generally get very soiled, so you need to tenderly clean the sweat, and grime off your headphones regularly. If that grime goes through the outer casing of the product, it can hamper the activity of the headset. You can sterilize them only with a damp cloth or wipes without alcohol.


*  If you are using wired headsets, then you need to take care of the wires. The cord should not be pulled to remove it from the device. You should only remove the equipment precisely from the adapter, otherwise, the wire might get detached from the adapter and the interior cords will wear away. While using the wire must not be bent, which is sometimes done unintentionally and habitually. You must refrain from surrounding wires around the headset while storing it as it will impair the wire and can make the plastic covering around the cords degrade with time.


*  A cordless headset must not be dropped from a desk. Most of the headsets have delicate and tiny interior contents that can break out, destroying the whole product.


*  You need to change components every 5 to 6 months. The plastic voice tubes, ear cushions, ear gels, and foam mic screens should be replaced regularly. This will prevent the transmission of germs. If your foam is dry, soiled, or crumbled, then it has to be changed. With time, voice tubes can get ruined, so it is recommended to change them every 8 to 12 months. These tubes can also get blocked, which causes harm to the communication volume.


*  It is advisable not to use headsets in excessive temperatures. The structure of the headsets will get modified if it gets direct sunlight and stays at +100 degrees F. Again the battery life will get curtailed in excessively cold temperatures. Thus both extremities will have a negative impact on the function of the headsets. You need to keep the headphones away from moisture. If your headphones get exposed to sweat, they may short out some of the electrical elements of the headphones. Cordless headsets are specifically susceptible to this issue.


*  It is better to keep your headphone on a hook, or in a drawer. You must store your headphone in the same location and keep the wire-free of interference to abate wear and tear.


While using call center headphones in Hyderabad offices or anywhere else, you must abide by the stated measures to take care of your headphones. Your headphones should operate properly as they accelerate the communication procedures of the agents.