PRI Gateway

Seamless Connectivity for Enhanced Communication Welcome to the world of Dasscom PRI Gateways, where seamless connectivity meets enhanced communication capabilities. Our PRI Gateways offer a reliable and efficient solution for integrating traditional PRI lines into modern IP-based communication systems. Designed with advanced technology and unmatched reliability, Dasscom PRI Gateways provide seamless connectivity between PRI lines and IP networks. With our gateways, businesses can effortlessly bridge the gap between legacy systems and cutting-edge communication infrastructure. Dasscom PRI Gateways offer a range of features that enhance communication efficiency. From intelligent call routing and load balancing to support for voice, fax, and data services, our gateways ensure smooth and uninterrupted connectivity. Our PRI Gateways are designed for flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to easily expand their communication capabilities as their needs grow. With easy installation and configuration, Dasscom PRI Gateways streamline the integration process and minimize downtime. As a trusted provider of communication solutions, Dasscom continues to innovate and deliver products that meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. Experience the power of seamless connectivity and unlock new possibilities for your organization with Dasscom PRI Gateways. Trust us to enhance your communication infrastructure and empower your business with reliable and efficient connectivity.
DUC-E series PRI Gateway

DUC-E series PRI Gatewayproject

  • 1, 2 Port Available
  • SIP to PRI & PRI to SIP
  • 30 Sessions
  • 2 *100 Base-T Ethernet for VoIP payload and signaling