DXG 3200V

DXG 3200V

  • 32 port Volte available
  • Suitable for all type of Soft Dialers.
  • 4 LAN Ports
  • Support SIP, IMS



The Dasscom DXG series Gateways are purpose-built to perform essential GSM based Calls. This series is designed on top of the robust VoIP Platforms. As VoIP requirements continue to evolve the processing and I/O requirements for various network devices will also evolve. To meet the demands of ever-changing scalability requirements, Dasscom Gateways leverage the reliability of in-house built DiOS which is custom-built for Telephony Applications.

Key Features:

  • 32 GSM Channels
  • SMS Sending and Receiving
  • LTE: FDD LTE: B1/B3, TDD LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41, TDSCDMA: B34/B39
  • USSD, Open API for SMS/USSD
  • BCCH
  • Up to 32 Concurrent Calls
  • PIN Code Management
  • Flexible Dial Rules and Manipulation Rules
  • Remote SIM Card Management (Cloud Connect)

SIP Characters

  • SIP V2.0 RFC3261
  • SDP RFC2327
  • RTP/RTCP RFC3551
  • SIP Registration
  • SIP Trunk (Peer Mode)
  • SIP Trunk Group
  • Ring back (Immediately, Alerting)
  • Configurable SIP Release Code
  • Outbound Proxy
  • DTMF Mode: Signal/RFC2833

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