2 SIP Line Phone ,

128*64 graphic dot

matrix with full view of ,

backlight LCD,Open VPN

IIEEE 802,Ix Stun NAT Traversal.


The DXP-5XXX series is an Executive level console phone dual port fast Ethernet IP
phone with 2 SIP accounts and 2-line buttons. Its “monochrome screen, HD speaker,
simple fixed buttons, unique appearance and exquisite details” bring customers higher
work efficiency and user experience. It is a cost-effective economical IP phone special
ly designed for office. It supports IPV6 and IPV4, with full “user, network, deployment,
security” feature and good IPPBX and network compatibility. Its suitable for enterprise
unified communications and operator cloud voice. Its innovative multi-scene usage
mode greatly enhances the work efficiency of economical IP phones.

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