Why do businesses prefer VoIP phones?

Why do businesses prefer VoIP phones?

Why do businesses prefer VoIP phones?

IP phone technology has revolutionized the way businesses communicate. The internet-based telephony system boosts efficiency and productivity at work as it accelerates communication between internal and external resources. The technology sends voice over the internet, in the form of small packets, just like emails lowering the overall cost of the communication function while adding to productivity. The tech further facilitates remote working and offers reliability and accessibility, making VoIP phones a preferred choice of businesses all over the world.


Advantages of IP phones:


Flexibility & Scalability


IP Phones eliminate the need for extensions and physical wires/lines saving a lot of expenses. The technology offers great flexibility and scalability as it works on the internet and can easily facilitate several numbers and extensions over one single computer.




Another reason why IP phones are a popular choice among businesses is their cost-effectiveness. Because the calls are transmitted over the internet, placing calls locally or globally is cheaper than analog phones. Whether you are into active sales or after-sales service, expenditure on calling is a significant consideration for every business.


Improved audio quality


Audio quality is of great importance as it defines the clarity of the message sent over the call. If the receiver is not able to receive the message, the essence of the communication is lost. With IP phones the data is transmitted over the internet in the form of small packets which is a safe, quick, and reliable process. The data packets are then again converted into audio at the receiver’s end. The audio quality is maintained and brings in the benefits of clear and smooth communication.


Wireless configuration:


IP phones are connected to the internet and hence the need for separate wiring like in the analog phone is eliminated. The benefit of a wireless telephony system is that it offers more mobility to the users.


Application Integration


VoIP phone extends great application integration features. Business owners can integrate several tools and software including directory, presence sharing, softphones, instant messaging, video calling, call forwarding/recording, and more.


Easy to upgrade:


IP technology is very easy to upgrade and use with any advancement. The system operates on an IP platform and the upgrades are easily provided by the supplier or easily available on the internet, free of cost.


Enhanced customer service and productivity


IP Phones have become one of the leading contributors to business productivity and enhanced customer service. This is because it has significantly improved the call quality, minimized call placing duration, and connected the internal and external stakeholders of a business seamlessly. The communication process has become extremely smooth and valuable.


If you want your business to have an efficient communication system, you must invest in quality VoIP phones. Remember that the communication aspect of your business is very sensitive and equally important. The more you streamline it, the better results you will get. Dasscom’s VoIP phones are your way to achieve flawless operations.