Why you should choose PRI Gateway for your business?

Why you should choose PRI Gateway for your business?

Why you should choose PRI Gateway for your business?

To create the ideal communication system for your organization, selecting a phone system is essential. Thanks to technological improvements, organizations can pick from a wide variety of the latest, cost-effective and efficient IP-based solutions. But most of the existing systems are analog. This issue can be resolved with the help of the PRI Gateway which converts an analog signal to an IP signal.


A lot of small, medium, and large enterprises with existing systems have PRI lines. As a business owner if you wish to move to IP based communication then revamping the whole system is not required. With the help of PRI Gateways, you can easily adapt to IP systems.


Characteristics of the PRI network


It is essential to be familiar with these communication systems’ features before trying to comprehend how they operate. A PRI system’s salient characteristics are:

  • To bridge the provider and the user, lines are comprised of two pairs of copper wires.
  • With one telephone line, 32 B channels are possible. And doing so makes it possible for enterprises to use many telephone numbers and extensions over a single connection.
  • 64 kbps of data can be transmitted across each channel.
  • It may operate with an IP PBX system as well as connect two PBX systems, or private branch exchange arrangements.


Benefits of using PRI


A PRI Gateway has several advantages for enterprises. The goals you have for your corporate communication system will determine whether or not you require this system. Let’s examine how PRI systems improve commercial communication:


Extensions and DID numbers


Direct internal dialing (DID) or direct numbers implies that callers from outside the area code can use this number to speak with a contact directly. Similar to numbers, extensions allow callers to directly reach a certain person or department by adding a second code to the number.


You do not require additional lines for every number or extension when using PRI, SIP trunking, or virtual phone systems.  Almost 32 conversations can be carried out concurrently on a single line with PRI. This means that the system can support up to 32 users at the same time.