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DXG 3200V

Dasscom DXG-3200X Wireless GSM Gateway, the latest DXG Series members, could
be compliant with a variety of wireless/mobile protocols enabling interconnection between
GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE network and VoIP network smoothly and safely. It is able to bridge wireless
networks with IP networks efficiently, regarding the high-demanding user requirements. DXG-3200X
adapts self-propelled SIM card slots, advanced built-in VoIP processors, and
wireless modules, and helps enterprises and SPs launch diverse cost-efficient and communication
systems. DXG-3200X could also be applied flexible Wireless-to-IP storage of systems, including remote
billing and charge, Mobility PBX, PSTN bac up lines, VoIP localization, SMS platform, and more.


GSM Gateway

DXG 3200V

DXG 3200G