IAS-L100 Paging Server

IAS-L100 Paging Server

  • IP Paging Server,
  • Multiple zones
  • Play schedule & real time music.
  • For Schools, Colleges, Industries etc.


Superior Quality Background Music

320Kbps superior quality MP3 music files and streamed media music supported, click to play music or schedule music playing can be achieved. And different music for different zones is also supported.

SIP Paging

Support multiple ways for live paging by dialing a single device or a group number from an IP phone or a SIP microphone to initiate a live SIP paging and/or using the ZYCOO IP Audio Dispatch Console click and trigger paging.

Auto Provisioning and Centralized Management

Using the MQTT loT protocol, the IP Audio Center can auto-provision, manage, and control local or remote ZYCOO IP audio endpoints within one single system.

SIP Trunk for Inbound/Outbound Calls

The IP Audio Center supports SIP trunks for integration with the third-party SIP server, and as a result, inbound and outbound phone calls are supported.

Video Linkage

IP cameras with RTSP supported can be integrated with the IP Audio Center. Simply inputting the camera’s RTSP address, and the system fetches the real-time streaming when an intercom call is initiated.

Audio Conferencing

ZYCOO IP Audio Center supports audio conferencing, and it can manage the conference using the IP Audio Dispatch Console. Invite, mute/unmute, kick out participants options are supported.

Multiple Tasks Type

IP Audio Center supports multiple types of tasks. The immediate task trigger tasks immediately after the task is set. Timetable tasks can be repeatedly played within the specified time range. While the dial-number task is a pre-set task, user may set the task as play background music, emergency alarms, etc., and use a phone to trigger the task.

Third-party Integration

Within the standard built-in SIP protocol, IP Audio Center supports third-party SIP endpoints as well as SIP system integrations. In addition, all API interfaces of the IP Audio Center are available for integration.