X10 SIP Adaptor

X10 SIP Adaptor

  • Can Support 10W external analog speaker or Amplifier
  • POE Enabled.
  • Support SIP, Two Way communication
  • Can Integrate security systems like fire alarm, smoke detector etc
Built-in Amplifier

Built-in amplifier rated at 2x10W dual-channel output, passive loudspeakers can be connected directly for stereo audio output, no external amplifier is needed.

Stereo Audio

Music can be streamed from DASSCOM IP Audio Center using streamed media to the X10 SIP paging gateway for local decoding and playback, high-definition stereo audio quality is guaranteed.

Two-way Intercom

Support 2 programmable “press-to-talk” switch buttons, with an external speaker and microphone, it can do two-way intercom calls for emergency or consulting purposes.

HD Audio Codecs

Support G.722 wideband audio codec, provides clear and intelligible voice speech for the intercom calls. With the high audio reproduction ability and clarity, quality of communication is guaranteed.

Compatible with Third-party SIP Server

With SIP protocol support, the X10 SIP paging gateways can be easily integrated with existing third-party SIP servers. SIP paging or intercom calling using your existing phone system.

Door Magnet Control

The X10 SIP paging gateways is equipped with built-in relay switch, which can be used for door magnet control or other devices to be controlled with dry contact signal. The invoke of dry contact signal can be digital input signal from sensors, DTMF signal or call status.

Automatic Control

The X10 SIP paging gateway supports processing the external sensor or other devices’ digital input signal, to invoke dry contact signal output for door magnet control, automated emergency calling, automated emergency alarm, etc.

Auto Provisioning

DASSCOM IP Audio Center auto provisioning support, large-scale installations (local or remote) will be effort and time-saving.

Power over Ethernet (PoE

Standard PoE (IEEE802.3at) support, sample and easy installation with a single network cable. Large-scale installation will be extremely easy and time saving.

X10 External Audio Collection

With the 3.5mm audio input jack, it can collect external audio sources from devices such as mobile phones, computers, mp3, etc. and playback through the corresponding devices.

Various Peripherals Support

Various peripherals can be integrated, like IP camera, smoke sensors, infrared sensors, door magnet, sound and light alarm which can be used for public safety and security purposes.

No Server Relies

Support Multicast and Peer-to-peer (P2P) to share data between devices without a central server while the devices use under the same local network.

Multi SIP Accounts

Support three lines SIP accounts, in which users may register the endpoint in more than one system for achieving different functionality purposes.